About Hector Berrios

pitching target
Hector Berrios is the creator of the popular HLB Pro Command Target and the highly rated book, “Unleash the Pitcher In You”. With over 30 years of professional experience, Hector has designed the Pro Command Target with the purpose of providing a realistic pitching target that resembled most accurate visual a pitcher of all ages sees from the mound. 
Hector Berrios is a professional baseball pitching coach with over 30 years of experience as a pitcher and a coach. He has worked with five different organizations and has been part of the development process of hundreds of pitchers who have gone on to pitch in the Major Leagues. As a pitcher, he reached the Triple-A level with three different organizations, and as a coach, he worked with some of the best pitching minds the game has to offer. His pitching staffs have found their way to being at the top of most of the leagues in ERA and least number of walks. As a student of the game, he’s infused the best routines, results, and techniques to blend them into a unique system that has worked for the youth league, high school, college, and Major League pitchers. His passion for teaching has transcended to many parts of the world as an ambassador for baseball, working with coaches and pitchers from Taiwan, Austria, Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.