Pro Command Pitching Target

The new Pro Command is an alternative for pitchers to focus on the revolutionary visual taking the industry by storm. The visual target Pro Command, provides for a pitcher's hand eye coordination, is second to none. Complete your workout with the premier target on the market. Your pitching brand is Pro Command.


The Pro Command Target was designed by a professional pitching coach/ former pitcher with over 30 years of experience. The purpose was to provide a realistic pitching target that resembled the ideal and most accurate visual a pitcher of all ages sees from the mound. The thought came from working with big leaguers, but it trickles as far down as to our youngest pitchers.



       The Pro Command Target's uniqueness, is an actual size catcher with perfectly located targets that every pitcher needs to hit in order to have optimal success. The catcher’s mitts were design to give pitchers the glove details that will allow them to see a small lace or light coming through the web to aim small and miss small. The objective is for pitchers to miss within the intended glove not missing it entirely.


      Velocity is the driving force in today’s game with most of the attention geared to how fast, how much spin, or how much separation between each pitch. Commanding the baseball usually takes a back seat to all the above. As a result, young pitchers have high pitch counts and over time can lead to injuries in young athletes. Pitchers that throw strikes have low pitch counts and the ultimately, the less you throw from inning to inning or game to game it stands to reason there would be a less the chance of injury.


       Once you own a Pro Command Target, the days of having to search for a catcher are over. The Pro Command Target is flexible to be attached to any Soccer net, Lacrosse goal, an L-screen or any fence you find to get your throwing program in. Flat ground routines and bullpen sessions are now efficient and can be blended with any technological devices to optimize and facilitate a complete pitching session. The size of this live size catcher is 39.5” x 44.25”and can be easily transported with the rest of your workout equipment to get your throwing program in by yourself or a friend, which can then create a glove hitting competition.



The Pro Command Target

This live size catcher has been tested over a two-year span with thousands of high velocity fastballs thrown by MLB, as well as MILB, College and High School pitchers to test its durability. Pro Command Target has withstood heavy rain that drip right off, as well as the hot Florida sun, and through it all the Pro Command Target has maintained its aesthetic and vivid graphic design. The catcher’s mitts are actual size gloves with the details high level pitches want to see in order to have optimal focus and concentration. The two-toned gloves have 3 black laces across the bottom half and a laser light coming through the webbing giving the pitcher a perfect visual for command. The padding gives off the sound on impact that pitchers want to hear, when throwing their fastball for instant feed and build confidence. The Pro Command Target is the only pitching target of its kind where no poles are needed just a soccer or, Lacrosse goal, an L-Screen or any type of fence. The Pro Command Target can be folded and put in a trunk of a car.



Parents can now take their young athletes to their backyard or park and set up the versatile Pro Command Target and observe them get better at throwing strikes. Pro Command Target is the perfect tool to give your child instant feedback on what’s most important to his team, and that’s a pitcher they can rely on to throw strikes. Good performances in games are usually linked to preparation and pitching to your Pro Command Target behind the scenes can assure you improved success each time you compete.



 The Pro Command Target was designed for professional pitchers.  What separates a pitcher who makes a living in professional baseball from the rest is command. Understanding a sound and repeatable delivery allows pitchers the best chance to locate and command their pitches. With the set-up of the targets a pitcher can now use all the technology information of your pitch characteristics and blend them into the perfect bullpen session. The catcher’s mitts are set up in the exact locations that highly successful pitchers consistently hit to attain the wealth and riches they earn. Fastball to both sides of the plate are needed for Left or Right-handed pitchers. The fastball at the top or above the zone are essential in today’s spin rate and vertical lift era for strike outs above the bat. Curveballs with high spin rate and negative vertical action complement the high fastball for swings and misses. Sliders with horizontal and slight negative vertical break coupled with 9:00 spin direction have a home for Left and right-handed pitchers. The pitcher that can kill spin with his change-up, and have horizontal, and negative vertical break, combined with 2:30 to 3:00 spin direction will separate it from the fastball. Blending your pitches in and out, up and down, and back and forth, gives the pitcher the ideal sequencing to dominate hitters. Take your Pro Command Target to your workouts attaching it any net or fence and watch your pitching go to the next level.




Baseball facilities will improve aesthetically by having a recognizable catcher behind your home plate area. When clients see your home plate area they will instantly see a multi-purpose area to get their work in. Parents can go into the cage with their child and see instant feedback if they are hitting their spots with their pitches. The Pro Command Target can also be used by girls’ softball programs to develop their strike efficiency. Most facilities have vague back drops that are hard to focus on and hit with precise throws. Creating game like challenges for your clients on getting ahead of hitters, winning the even counts, and putting hitters away just like you would in a competitive field setting. The Pro Command Target will instantly help coaches who are challenged to throw quality batting practices immediately. By having an actual catcher behind home plate to throw to as their confidence will grow with each batting practice session. No longer will a Live Batting Practice session need a live catcher as the Pro Command Target provides the best visual for any pitcher trying to get hitters out. Your indoor facility will be home to a glove hitting competition in which pitchers can enter a weekly tournament. Each pitcher contributes an entrance fee and after creating brackets the two finalists earn a champion and co-champion cash prize.